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Ellie and Nick co-founded ZOOM in October 1996. Together, they developed the ZOOMing process, philosophy and client engagement model. Ellie and Nick are both deeply involved in all client positioning projects. They’ve built a strong team at ZOOM to deliver the best strategic positioning in the industry.


Co-CEO Nick Copping brings a combination of technology (Caltech physicist, student of Richard Feynman), management (HP Director of Corporate Engineering, CEO of Atherton Technology, CRI and VP at ParcPlace-Digitalk) and strategy (General Partner, Microsoft) to the ZOOM team. He is a Senior Fellow to the Ponemon Institute, an accomplished musician who began making studio recordings at age 15, and is also a scuba diving instructor in Monterey.
ellie Co-CEO Ellie Victor founded ZOOM with Nick in 1996. Prior to founding ZOOM, Ellie was VP of Corporate Marketing at ParcPlace-Digitalk, where she and Nick met. She is a former principal at Cunningham Communication, where she worked for seven years directing public relations for clients and holding responsibility for Cunningham’s marketing. In 2009, Ellie was tapped as a judge for Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year award. Ellie’s enthusiasm for high-tech marketing is only matched by her enthusiasm for tennis— ZOOM has sponsored the Stanford Women’s Tennis Team since 1999. Ellie also sits on the board of EPATT, a tennis and tutoring program for at-risk youth.